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Post by lxtmidnight Sun Jan 20, 2008 4:06 pm

What Kinds of thing can I do to help out with the site and the Mint community?

1) The most important is to 'advertise' the site. That can be done by placing any of the buttons anywhere that accepts HTML: profiles, other forums, DA, anything.

2) When it comes to coding, I have only basic skills. If you are good at coding then you may be able to help out with it. Become a coder for the site by emailing me your name, and coding specialty. Coders should have some kind of instant messaging system (Aim, Yahoo, or Meebo, preferably.)

3) Become a Mod! But there is only one Mod allowed for every 5 people.

4) The easiest is to submit artwork! It keeps the community alive!

5) Post on the forums, and suggest improvements. They will be heard!

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