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FAQ: The Ring

Post by lxtmidnight on Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:31 am

NOTE: the ring is not an avaliable feature yet

What IS the Ring?

The Ring is the site's Doujinshi Circle.

What is doujinshi?

Doujinshi are basically fancomics.

Ok, so how does a doujinshi circle work?

Everyone within the circle has a specific job. A few examples are inking, toning, and writing.

How do you join?

A registration form will be on the site's navigation page. This registration is different, however, because you must provide a sample of your work. Be sure your work is up to par before registering, cause I wouldn't want to be the one to deny you.

I though you weren't measuring artistic talent for this site.

For the site, no. For the circle, unfortunetly, yes.

Who is in the Ring?

Right now, it's me, myself and I.

Oh yeah...What does the Ring do?

We make fancomics, and original comics, which are sold! That's right, the Ring makes money.

I like money...

Then think about joining the Ring, and spread the word! The more people that know us the more money we make.

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