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Post by lxtmidnight on Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:07 pm

ok, I'll start this off by saying that since I have a computer class this semester, you can expect a lot of these random posts from me, at 7:30 in the morning (at least where I am...). there's a lot of spare time in this class, and this site is probably the only one not blocked...

Moving on the 4SWAI...

It's a game that's not really a game, but I enjoyed it anyway. It gets you thinking, and you might realize a few things that you never really did before.

HOW TO "PLAY": It's not too complex at all: Just list your four greatest strenghts, your 4 greatest weaknesses, your 4 greatest abilities, and your 4 greatest inabilities.

RULES: Do not put the same things under "Strenghs" and "Abilities". The Abilities part is more like Talents. On that note, "Inabilities" are things that you cannot do.

At first it might not seem like it, but this takes a lot of time...I will post mine after I'm done as an example, just in case anyone else wants to try this out themselves.

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Re: 4SWAI.....

Post by lxtmidnight on Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:13 pm

Ok, here I go. It's not necessary to explain, but I like to make things long XD The first Four are all serious, because I did them like a week ago (most of them) and saved them on my computer. The last two are cheap and rushed.

01. Four Strengths/Good Qualities:

Keenness: I, and many people who have fallen victim to this trait, agree that I am a very keen person. I don’t know just how to explain it, so I will give some examples. Whenever people lie, I can always tell, even if I don’t let them know; I pick up feelings, like if someone really hates something they say they like, or if one of my friends really likes some guy. It’s no good trying to hide things from me either, because chances are I will catch you the second you begin. You should feel very bad for my little sister ^-^;;;;;

Wiseness: I do think of myself as an intelligent person, but more than that I see myself as wise. Even though I like to act like a kid (I mean come on, I AM one. This girl is NOT trying to rush into adulthood XD), I feel that I am, to put it Pocahontas words, “Wise beyond [my] years”. Hee hee, gotta love Disney movies.

….and is “Wiseness” a word? Dictionary.com said so, but Word did not, apparently

Kindness: Yes, I am a kind person, one who loves to give and hates to say “No”. although sometimes the latter gives me a bit of trouble at times -___-

Imagination/Creativity/Sort-of-Eccentricity: I am my own person, one who has a large imagination, and likes to express herself through creative mediums, especially Music and Writing.

02. Four Weaknesses/Bad Qualities:

Shyness: I am very, very, VERY shy when first meeting people (in real life, that is. The internet doesn‘t count, because half the time I will never have to see these people face-to-face XD). I don’t know why, I just DON’T like to let people close to me that often. But those who know me would most likely say the opposite XD.

Laziness: I am seriously the most lazy person you will ever meet. I NEVER get dressed, not even for school, where I usually wear the closest thing I have to pajamas. I have been known to take ‘zeros’ for class assignments because I was too lazy to get up and turn them in. Every school day I get up 5 minutes before I am expected to be at the bus stop, because getting up before then takes too much effort. The list goes on and on…

Lack of Trust: No matter what I say to counter the fact, I am extremely untrusting. In my opinion, anyone is capable of anything, no matter what you’ve done to disprove the fact. There are plenty of people I would trust more than others, my friends and family mainly, but I have never in my life 100% trusted ANYONE.

Selfishness: Despite the fact that I give more than I receive, the truth is I would like to receive more, but I don’t have a way XD. In everything I do, I think of how it will benefit me above anyone else. You could also fit envy under this; I am very, very jealous. I tend not to show both of these qualities, but they are always there. XD


Writing: Yes, this is probably my best ability, which is not saying much unfortunately XD.

Music: Yeah, does this count? I just mean playing music, not writing or anything like that XD

Singing: Ok, I'm running out of things here, but I think that I am a good singer...ok, I can at least hold the right note for a bit XD

Cooking: Do I really need to explain?

Inabilities: I can't draw for life, which is sad since this is an art site XD. I can doodle, though...

Dance: OMG I cannot dance. At all. It's kind of sad XD

Sports: I am terrible at sports of any kind, except perhaps field hockey and short distance running. Which is NOT good, because we get graded in P.E. for everything EXCEPT those.

Ability to Act my Age: Normal people are born with this ability. I was not. It's not bad all the time, but there are some points in the day where this is not helpful...

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Re: 4SWAI.....

Post by TsunamiHanami on Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:25 am

4 "Strengths"
- People - I'm good with people and conversing in person. I usually do the talking and listening when it comes to deals at school clubs and theater stuff. And apparently people like me for it =D
- "Iron Face" - It's not that I'm emotionally stunted or anything, but unless someone died, it is hard to make me cry or get really upset (it's easy to make me swear though.) . When it's time for business, emotions don't cloud my view.
- 110% - I don't like doing things half-way. It's either perfect or not attempted at all. Good for school projects. =]
- Academics - Schoolwork has always been one of my best areas. I may not be the smartest kid in school, but I'm in the top 20 of about 400 kids. So I got something going for me.

4 Weaknesses
- Gullible - No joke. I'll believe nearly anything.
- Impatience - Slow people make me wanna kick puppies. Get out of my way or I'll run you over.
- Workaholic - I'll do anything to 110%, and I'll keep doing it til it's done. Meaning sometimes, I don't leave my room for days.
- Boys - cute guy = Instant KO. This is depressing for me, because I swore I wouldn't date again for another couple of months. Boys are almost as weakening as chocolate to me.

4 Abilities
- Frisbee - I'm ridiculously good at Ultimate Frisbee. I can throw reeeeally far.
- Art - I'm not bad at drawing, and I'm pretty good at Photoshopping.
- Mastering rhythm games - It's not even funny how crazy focused I am when I play DDR or Guitar Hero. Heavy and Expert modes, respectively.
- Ability to stand out? - I don't even try for this one. I stick out like a miniature sore thumb.

4 Inabilities
- Cooking- My cooking will kill people. I'm surprised I haven't died yet.
- Cleaning - I can't keep ANYTHING organized or clean. for very long.
- Staying Still - I have to be moving a lot. Which is why I hate long car trips or flights.
- get the guys I want ;_; - I always happen to draw in the weirdos.

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Re: 4SWAI.....

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