The Rules of the Game

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The Rules of the Game

Post by lxtmidnight on Sat Feb 09, 2008 2:28 am

Heh heh...couldn't resist putting that up there.

So anyway, all the games (Or the Game...I just now realized there was only one) from the "Chat" section have now been moved here.

On to the rules.

1. Don't run a game if there is already an active one like it. (Example: Tommy started a "20 Questions" game, and Timmy, Susie and Bobby are all participating actively. Sally, don't go posting a "20 Questions" thread, because it will most likely be deleted.)

2. No blatanly excluding users, for example, "You can only join if you like XXXXX", or "No one under 21".

3. A Game is declared dead if there have been no posts for 7 days. It might hang around on request, but it will also most likely be locked. This is so people don't get confused with Rule #1.

Also, no 'special' messages, by that I mean Announcements or Sticky posts, will be allowed in this forum besides this one, just so no one is tempted to promote their game (to tell the truth I know I would be XD), unless there is a need to. And that will not happen, ever. Probably.

Ok, that's pretty much it I guess XD. Mods, feel free to add where you feel it's necessary. Have fun!

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