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FAQ: Projects

Post by lxtmidnight on Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:21 am

What is a 'Project'?

A project is simply an art challenge taken on by more than one person, like a collaboration of sorts. Anyone can start a project.

Ok...then what's the difference between a normal project and an Official Project?

An Official Project is one taken on by the members of the Doujinshi Ring.

OMG What's this Doujinshi Ring?

You need to read the FAQ Ring forum for details Arrow

Back to Projects...how do I start them?

You simply post it in the forum. Interested people will post back. The Mods and I have nothing to do with the projects unless we are in them. They are submitted to the Community Photobucket account in the correct folder.

What if no one joins?

It does not exists if no one else joins, unfortunetly.

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